June 4, 2020

What you don’t know about your mental health

A good number of us don’t know that our mental health is controlled by the BRAIN. the activity of the brain when its at rest is the most important aspect of our mental lives.when you’re sleeping it is assumed that your brain is also sleeping.Guess what? The brain never stops functioning even when you are sleeping,it still make you enjoy rich visual experience when you are dreaming with your eyes closed.

This brings us to the fact that continuous wakefulness of the nervous system results in mental derangement.when you don’t give yourself time to sleep your neural activity will be affected. And neural activities such as simulations of fighting,problem solving,learning and consolidating memories as well as forgetting inconsequential details are high during sleep. So to properly manage our mental health.we need to create time to rest our brain cells by having good,quality and uninterrupted sleep for a minimum of 8hours.

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