September 3, 2020

Throwback Thursday: Today’s protest reminds us of Aba Women’s Riot of 1929

Protest has always been a means to an end.It is an effective tool in achieving change.It has resolved a lot of issues in the time past,so will it resolve #EndSars and a brief reminder is the Aba Women’s Riot of 1929.It was the first ever recorded anti-colonial revolt organized by women to redress social,political and economic grievances. Meanwhile,visit us @ to shop for your products at a cheap and affordable price.

The revolt was as a result of imposition of direct taxation and the introduction of new local courts known as warrant Chief. The riot broke out in Owerri province,the then heart of the Ibo Country,when a warrant Chief,Okugo under the instructions from the district officer was making a reassessment of the taxable wealth of the people and his attempt to count women,children and domestic animals provoked the riot.

The rumor spread among the market women across the region and an intense anger and dismay was also spread among them. The price of palm-produce was also falling at this period and new customs duties were placed on imported goods. The women were seriously disturbed and lamented on how difficult it is to pay taxes.Hence they decided to combine and an assault on one of them resulted to a palm-leaf which appears to be a symbol of trouble and a call for help was sent around to all the women in the neighborhood.The story is in details @

About fifteen hundred women were recorded to have taken part in the riot. In 2018,it was recognised by United Nations during the international Women Day celebration.

History reminds us that Women has always being an agent of social change and economic development.Also they will always be a part of our society.

We believe our standing up against killings through protest is a just cause.

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