September 9, 2020

WCW: Nigerian Women-What makes Nigerian women special from other women

Our women Crush Wednesday (WCW) goes to every typical Nigerian Woman out there.Those guys who think they know everything about women would have to rethink when they meet a typical Nigerian woman.Nigerian women has these distinct characteristics which distinguishes them from every other women in the world.Comment what makes your woman special below.Yay!!let’s hear your opinion

These characteristics include but not limited to:

*Nigerian women are tactical in thinking: a typical Nigerian woman knows how to make things simple for herself.She knows how best to play herself out of difficult situations.Nigerian women are the leaders of home from behind,they just fall back and let the man feel like he’s the one in charge.She knows a man’s mumu button which can be easily misunderstood by other people.

*She is a good cook : An average Nigerian woman is groomed from birth to be everything a man would expect of a woman & a wife hence, she get to learn how to cook all kinds of food.For a lady not to know how to cook is a serious crime in Nigeria. In fact, men in Nigeria believe that a woman is responsible if she is good with domestics works and the ones who don’t know how to are tagged irresponsible.

*She is submissive:Total humility and submissiveness is the watchword of a typical Nigerian woman.They are always willing to submit and be a real wife to an African Man and this act brings her reciprocated love.

*She sees the Family as a man’s responsibility: Running and maintaining the Family is seen as a man’s responsibility by Nigerian women and she is there only as a supporter.A woman may not be materialistic as they are tagged rather they want to know if the man can take care of himself and his family.To Nigerian women,a man is a total failure and cannot command respect if he lacks the financial ability to do so.If you want a Nigerian woman to remain with you,you have to prove you are tough,hardworking and above all show her some money.

*She is a parrot: If you have ever gotten into an argument with a woman,you will try never to do that again especially if she is a Nigerian woman.She can give your one line statement various offensive interpretations.

These a fore-listed among others are some of the interesting facts about Nigerian woman.Woman are special and a typical Nigerian woman is most special.

Do you have any to add?comment yours below

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