October 28, 2020

WCW: Young Nigerian Activist- Kiki Mordi

Our woman crush wednesday (WCW) goes to a young Nigerian Activist @Kiki Mordi born 12 August 1991 in Port Harcourt,Rivers State. Chip.ng https://chip.ng celebrate one of our Nigerian youths who is making impact in the society. Many of our Activist had went through an assault or violation of human right at one time or the other,Kiki isn’t left out she dropped out of university of Nigeria due to sexual harassment from a lecturer.Well,her life goals didn’t end there as she later became a popular journalist,filmmaker and writer.More so,she currently works as an eye reporter for BBC Africa.

In 2017 she started an online petition to end police extortion and exploitation,a move associated with the ongoing #EndSARS. She and her team in 2019 also released a 13-minute documentary exposing sexual harassment by lecturers in University of Lagos and University of Ghana which prompted the Nigerian senate to re-introduce the anti-sexual harassment bill and 14 years jail term was proposed for offenders.Since then Nigerian state government have declared a state of emergency on rape and sexual harassment while others also launched sex offenders registers.

She has won awards such as ‘the outstanding Radio Program presenter awarded by Nigerian broadcasters merit Awards, ‘people journalism prize for Africa and she has also been nominated for so many more awards.

Through her documentaries and campaigns Kiki has risen to the forefront of her generation’s efforts to build on the foundations laid by those activities who came before them to continue to build a stronger Nigeria for the next generation.

We crush on and celebrate her efforts as well as the efforts of other youths out there making impact.

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