December 21, 2020


Lets talk about the first elected president in Nigeria, Do you remember him? If No, we are here to enlighten you, and guess what he is going to be our MCM for this week @Alhaji Shehu Usman Aliyu Shagari. He is an experience politician, A teacher, And he has inspired so many people in different areas .Click here to see his history 

Alhaji shehu usman shagari was born on25th February 1925 in Nigerian into a muslim family. He is a statesman who was the first democratically elected president in Nigeria after the transfer of power by Ministry head of state General Olusegun Obasanjo in 1979.

An experienced politician, he briefly worked as a teacher before entering politics in 1951; and was elected into the House of representative in 1954. At various times between 1958 through independence of Nigeria in 1960 and 1975, he held a cabinet post as a federal commissioner or as a federal minister. . Shagari was founded by his great-grandfather, Ahmadu Rufa’i. He was raised in a polygamous family, and was the sixth child born into the family. His father, Aliyu Shagari, was the village head and a farmer. Aliyu died five years after Shehu’s birth.

Shagari started his education In a Quranic school and then went to live with relatives at a nearby town, where from 1931 to 1935 he attended Yabo elementary school. In 1936–1940, he went to sokoto for middle school, and then from 1941 to 1944 he attended Barewa College. Between 1944 and 1952, Shagari matriculated at the Teachers Training College, in Zaria, Kaduna, Nigeria. From 1953 to 1958, Shagari got a job as a visiting teacher at Sokoto Province. He was also a member of the Federal Scholarship Board from 1954 to 1958.Shehu Usman Shagari entered politics in 1951 when he became the secretary of the Northern People’s Congress in Sokoto, Nigeria, a position he held until 1956. However, his early Political activities started in 1945 when as a teacher, he founded a youth group called Youth Social Circle in Sokoto and became the secretary.

In 1948, when Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe of the NCNC was touring Nigeria to raise funds to send a delegation to London to ask the Colonial office to abrogate Richard’s constitution as undemocratic, Shehu Shagari who was a keen reader of the West-African Pilot paper was the only man of Sokoto origin to attend this meeting. When the British Provincial Educational Officer was informed of Shagari’s attendance, his salary increment was postponed that year to serve as a punishment.  In 1950, Shagari, a young teacher at 25, was nominated by a British District officer H.A.S Johnson to participate in the Ibadan Conference to debate the Richards Constitution. .In 1954, Shehu Shagari was elected into his first public office as a member of the federal House of Representative for Sokoto west.Shagari won the 1979 election with the help of his campaign manager, Umaru Dikko.. Also with the oil revenue, Shagari started the construction of Ajaokuta Steel Mill which was near completion by 1983.

In housing, Shagari had the target of building 200,000 housing units, but by June 1983, only thirty thousand (32,000) units had been completed.In transportation, he launched many road networks across the country including the ones leading to the new Federal Capital Abuja. Others notable road networks constructed include: Badagry-Sokoto, Lagos-Kano, Port Harcourt-Enugu ETC.He also improved both in Education, in women and youth, in finances, in corruption,in national affairs, maitatsine and kano 1980 riot, deportation of migrants, federal capital territory in foreign affairs.He also received a national awards of Grand commander of the federal republic (GCFR).And Grand commander of  Niger.(GCON). And he also wrote some books like, Beckoned to serve, The challenge of change, song of Nigeria,ETC.Alhaji Shehu Shagai died in December 28 2018.

His memories would never be forgotten as we crush on him today and made him our WCW for the week.

The question is; is there any president who has worked better than him ??

You can drop your comment below ;Do well to share also.

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