March 3, 2021


HELLO PIPO!! How was your weekend ?? Hope it was awesome ..The question is how well do you know @Nere Teriba she is going to be our Woman Crush for today. Visit us @

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She is a 36-year-old woman who is building Nigeria’s first gold refinery She is an entrepreneur, and the youngest and first Nigerian to refine gold locally. Teriba is focusing on a sector that has been relatively untapped despite the country’s huge mineral resources. She is the Vice-Chairman Kian Smith Trade & Co. According to Teriba her refinery should be able to produce three tonnes of gold monthly. she is also the Managing Director of kian smith. A company she created in 2012, and which is very active in consulting, extractive industries, mining concession management and mineral trading in Nigeria. As an Entrepreneur, Mediator & Strategist, she has worked for sustainable community solutions in several countries. She holds a BSE and MSE from Carnegie-Mellon University in Electrical and Computer Engineering, she is the first Nigerian entrepreneur to build a refinery gold in Nigeria. is an online market place where you can get all what you looking for ,your home appliances, Gadget, Electronics and lot more at affordable prices, visit us now @