May 5, 2021

#5 Money Squandering Mistakes No Phone Dealer Ever Will Tell You

A Top Phone Dealer Secret Checklist: #5 Tipoff You Should Consider Before Getting A Smartphone.

In this Modern day and age, we cannot deny the importance of A Phone and most importantly A Smartphone. In Case some of you are wondering what a smartphone is. A SMARTPHONE is a mobile phone that performs many of the functions of a computer, typically having a touchscreen interface, internet access, and an operating system capable of running downloaded apps and lots more. The difference between a Smartphone and A Mobile Phone is that one has the features of a computer and that of a Handset (Calling, Short Message Service (SMS), while A Handset just Calls, Short Message Service (SMS). Smartphones possesses different types of features/Specification that makes it ‘SMART’.


  1. Camera
  2. Battery
  3. Random Access Memory (RAM)
  4. Read Only Memory (ROM)
  5. Processor
  6. Network Technology (GSM, HSPA, LTE)
  7. Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)  or Wi-Fi
  8. Bluetooth
  9. Operating System (OS)
  10. Touchscreen Display and Many more.

These features vary from the brands of phones. There various types of Phone brands some of which are: – Samsung, Infinix, Iphone, Motorola, Sony, Nokia, Gionee, HTC, Huawei, Tecno, Itel e.t.c.

Moreover, these phones, well for most of them are expensive, making it very difficult to afford and in this era where everything is or goes online, to the extent that Class are now Virtual, Seminars, Conference, Businesses. So if you don’t possess a Smartphone you will be missing out from the World. So if you have a ‘Smartphone’ and don’t have those specifications i.e you don’t have a Smartphone.


Some specification to watch out for when getting a smartphone:-

  1. Network Technology: Networking is a form of telecommunication between computers/phones where they exchange data with a data link. If a device can transmit information to another device, then they are considered to be networkingNetworking utilizes devices such as switches, modems, routers, gateways, etc. This is what connects your phone with the internet, while some phones possess 5G, 4G LTE, 3G, 2G. Some only have 3G and 2G. The Speed of your internet mater a lot, imagine trying to load a website for it to take up to 5 minutes to load. You get frustrated and tired.
  • Memory: is the amount of memory space available for the CPU, as assigned by the operating system. The CPU has a type of memory called cache, which is RAM built into the CPU itself. RAM is short for “random access memory” and while it might sound mysterious, RAM is one of the most fundamental elements of computing. RAM is the super-fast and temporary data storage space that a computer needs to access right now or in the next few moments. The amount of RAM in a phone most at times determines the speed of the phone.
  • Battery: battery is a hardware component that supplies power to a device, enabling that device to work without a power cord. Batteries are often capable of powering a laptop computer/ Phones, Speaker even Fans for several hours depending on how much power it requires. The Strength of your Battery is measured in Milliampere-hour (mAh). In Nigeria, where there is no Uninterrupted power Supply considering a Long Lasting battery is very important. You don’t want a situation whereby you are always carrying your phone charge everywhere you go to charge phone.
  • Camera: a device for recording visual images in the form of photographs, film, or video signals. Every smartphone is supposed to possess a Camera. Main Camera and a Rear Camera (Front Camera). To take pictures, record video and Video Calling. A phone of 13MP as Main Camera will be better than a Phone with 8MP Main Camera. A phone with 8MP Rear(Front) Camera will display more eye-catching selfie’s than a Phone with 4MP Rear(Front) Camera. So be precise about the Phone with a quality camera that gives you wonderful images, that make you look superb!
  • Operating System (OS): An operating system, or “OS,” is software that communicates with the hardware and allows other programs to run. Every desktop computer, tablet, and smartphone includes an operating system that provides basic functionality for the device. Common desktop operating systems include Windows, OS X, and Linux. Common Smartphone OS includes Android, IOS, Microsoft, JAVA e.t.c the predominant Operating Systems are Android and the IOS. Android Is used by Brands like Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, Itel, Motorola, HTC, Huawei e.t.c. While IOS is used by the prestigious Iphone.

Moreover, there are lots of other things to consider also like Display whether if it’s OLed Screen, AMOLED, IPS LCD e.t.c. Also, The Chipset, Central Processing Unit (CPU), COmms (Bluetooth, Dimension, Body Type, Screen Resolution.

Every PHONE Dealer just wants to sell, they won’t take time to explain these things to you. Hope you were able to learn a thing or two from us. Thanks for reading

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