Ariel Laundry Detergent Powder Soap 800g X 2 Pieces + FREE 90g


Key Features

Powerful in Formula Which Helps to Remove Tough Stains.
Removes Tough Stains in Just One wash.
Keeps Clothe Sparkling Clean with its Powerful Formula.
Enhance with Fresh Sensation Aroma.


Product details
ARIEL LANDRY DETERGENT POWDER SOAP Contains the Power of Stain Removal Ingredients, Which helps to Remove tough Stains in Just One wash. This Powder Detergent has Got you Covered When you Need to Wash Dirty Laundries. It Comes with High-performance Cleaning Agents and Enhanced with Fresh Sensation Aroma. The Powder Detergents Keeps Clothes Sparkling Clean with its Powerful Formula. The Detergent Removes Tough Stains on Clothes as Well as Grease and Residues. The Powder Detergent is Concentrated and Uniquely Formulated with Natural Soap Additives that Cut Through Stains Making it Sparkling Clean While being Gentle on your Clothes.