Carlo Rossi California Rose – (3 BOTTLES)


Key Features

  • It’s deliciously smooth
  • It’s a fruity wines from California
  • California rose
  • Refreshingly smooth
  • It’s alcoholic
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Product details

Carlo Rossi Rose is a refreshing wine with flavours of fresh strawberries and sweet cherries and can be enjoyed with a variety of dishes, ranging from meat and fish dishes and fruit desserts. The wine has a pleasant mild flavour and exquisite colour. Carlo Rossi Red and White wines are made from the most delicious grapes from the Central Valley of California. The characteristics of those grapes evolve from year to year but Carlo Rossi wine has always been served in a sturdy glass jug. With Carlo Rossi wines, we can always count on quality and value. If we canÂ’t taste the difference why pay the difference? Explore the different types of red and white wines that Carlo Rossi offers. The brand has bright flavoured Sangria, bestseller Paisano, a new Moscato Sangria, Chianti, a full-bodied Burgundy, a Sweet Red, a Merlot, a Chablis, and many more. Share the goodness and quality of Carlo Rossi with friends and family no matter the occasion.
Enjoy the crisp taste of Carlo Rossi RED. This refreshing wine is perfect enjoyed with seafood or salads.


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