Haier Thermocool Generator SML JUNIOR 1500MS 1.25KVA/1KW


Key Features

Rated output: 0.9kw
Max output: 1.0kw
Starting system: manual
Fuel tank capacity: 8.5L
Frequency (Hz): 50.0
Voltage (V): 230v
DC output: 12V 8.3A
Running time: 8.5h
Noise level @ 7m: 63db)A
Dry weight: 24.0
Wire: 100% copper
Receptacles: 1 unit 23A locking socket
Running lamp: Yes
Oil alarm lamp: Yes
ATS lamp: No
Mains lamp: No


Product details
For more details on the load this generator can support, view our product detail below which provides a wattage guide based on the rated capacity of the generator.

Energy efficiency is fail safe with the TEC JUNIOR Max1500.

Come and go as you please with confidence knowing that your generator will always provide 100% energy output. Amazing noise reduction technology means this generator can operate in a number of situations almost inconspicuously, whilst the easy button start makes fumbling for a key a thing of the past. Get yours now on CHIP.NG at the best price in Nigeria.

Optimized Alternator Design- Loads medium sized Freezers/Refrigerators plus other Appliances
Thermocool JUNIOR alternators has been specifically designed to meet the inductive loading needs of consumers. Junior is able to load a medium sized Freezers/Refrigerators easily.
300 hours Continuous Running Design
Engine designed to be rugged, durable and efficient, can run continuously for 300 hours straight without turning engine off
Better Fuel Efficiency and Engine Vibration.
JUNIORs generators are designed with reduced noise levels, reduced engine vibrations and excellent fuel efficiency to give users maximum relaxation and benefit for their money.
Easy Start
One pull, one start. JUNIOR’s engine has been designed to be efficient and reliable making it easy to start the engine easily.
Comes with An AVR
While similar capacities in the market make use of Capacitors, Junior uses an Automatic Voltage Regulator to regulate its voltage output ensuing safe voltage levels pass through your appliances at any given time.