Lordbex Mobile Phone Ring Stent – Silver with 360 Degree Rotation


brand: lordbex

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Convenient and safe grip to prevent dropping and enhances control while operating phone your or taking picture. The Premium material and color makes your phone more luxurious look.

The Ring can be revolve in either horizontal direction 360? or vertical direction 180?.Washable and reusable. Suitable for Most of the Digital Mobile Products in the Market. Adhesive build-up by water. It is convenient to take photo with one-hand. It is convenient to text input,play games or watching movies. It can use all the functions of slide mobile and tablet PC with one-hand.

To effectively reduce the risk of falling down in crowed places. Reduces the risk of dropping and breaking your device inadvertently. Compact appearance, behaviors, security ring clasp and the perfect combination of stent, allowing you to easily enjoy the video. Size: Fit for all size of Smartphone, includes for iPhone, for iPad, for Samsung etc.


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