Midea 1HP Copper Split Air Conditioner With Big Engine


Key Features

2 Years Warranty
1HP Capacity
Streamlined Design
Comfort: Faster Cooling
High-Density Filter
Auto Restart
Sleep Mode
2-way draining
Louvre Position Memory
Refrigerant Leakage Detect
Fire Proof Electric Box



Product details

Designed to make your space as cool and welcoming as possible, this Midea AC features ionizer that filters the air of pollutants. You will breathe in clean, fresh air as it is very effective in circulating filtered air free of dirt, dust, particles, and smoke. It is suitable for use in theatres, hospitals, banks, offices, receptions, and homes.

Turbo mode: Powerful cooling with just one button

3D mode wind direction: Cool air circulation from all direction

Moisture control: Intelligent Sensor Technology controls both room temperature and humidity, Applicable to humidity level between 30% – 90% regulation

Coated condenser: Bluefin coated condenser provides ultra protection against corrosion

Compressor absorb-er: Absorbs vibration from the compressor motor

65 degree ambient cooling: Cools better even in hot sunny weather conditions

Midea Air Conditioners – Power Friendly. Pocket Friendly.

The abundance of anions present in waterfall rivulets soothes and refreshes. Midea air conditioners have taken advantage of Ionizer Technology to bring the refreshing air to your home. Bio filter consists of a specialized biological enzyme and Eco filter. The Eco filter catches very small airborne dust particles and neutralities bacteria, fungi and microbes. Biological enzyme kills bacteria by dissolving their cell wall thus, eliminated the problem of re-pollution.

Midea’s catalogue of ACs cover a wide range of products that ensure your comfort in style. These refreshingly energy efficient, quiet and durable air conditioning systems for homes, offices, and large spaces will keep you cool always. They are also energy saving so your power bill is still .