Mopping Stick


Key Features

Dehydration Rate:80% -90%
Packaging:With 1 Mophead
Type: Cloth Cover Type, flat mop
2.1kg-4kg, weight: 130g; cotton refill weight: 150g/pc
Absorption: 20-30 seconds
Pole Material:Wood
Mop Head Material:cotton thread refill
Handle Type:Telescopic

Usage:Airplane, Home, Hotel, Kitchen, Car, Sports, Other
Color:Red, blue, green and etc.
Function:High water absorption,Quickly dry,Anti-bacterial,Much more durable
Microfiber refill: cotton thread refill
Size: base size:39×9.5cm; handle length: 130cm


Product details

Big Mopping Stick is your solution to all those annoying stains on your tiles. In this present day, nobody really uses rugs in their homes anymore. But what use is it if you have the most expensive tiles in your multi-million naira home, but your tiles are messy and stained. This large sized mopping stick is made with a bundle of soft cotton strings and other very absorbent materials. This cloth like part is perfectly fitted to and attached to a strong long pole (stick). Acting as a multipurpose cleaning tool, the mop is specially used to soak of all kinds of liquids, cleaning floors, other kinds of surfaces and even to mop up dust. This has been the traditional way of mopping up dirty surfaces for decades and has proven to still be one of the most effective ways till date. All you need is water, bucket and some liquid or powdered soap; all this plus your trusted old big mopping stick is what you need to achieve that perfect clean surface.