Royal Crown Rc Cola 50cl Soft Drink



Product details
Royal Crown Cola (RC Cola) is a cola-flavoured soft drink developed in 1905 by Claud A. Hatcher, a pharmacist in Columbus, Georgia, United States of America. The brand has has three falovour which are Cola, Cola Cherry, and Cola Lemon. IT also comes in different variants, which are are: RC Cola, Light RC Cola, Diet Rite Cola, Cherry RC, RC Cola Lemon, RC 100, RC Draft Cola, RC Cola Edge, RC Cola Zero, Royal Crown Mixers, RC Cola Kick, RC Q, and RC TEN.
Key Features
RC is a sparkling, lovely, refreshing sweet, crisp, tasty carbonated soft drink with a great satisfying taste. It is very refreshing and suits every occasion where served or taken. It has a satisfying taste that will always keep you asking for more. Best when served chilled.

Volume: 50cl
Bring home the refreshing taste of best drink
Enjoy with meals, on the go or at home
Crisp, cold, refreshing taste
Best served after refrigerating
Delicious taste of cocoa drink


Color: Brown
Main Material: Coca
Model: Best drinks
Production Country: Nigeria
Product Line: Jelinks chi
Weight (kg): 0.1