Sunola Soya Oil-100% Pure Cholesterol Free – 4.5Litres



Product details

SOYA OIL is a great option for VEGETARIANS and those who are HEALTH conscious, as well as those trying to manage one health challenge or the other.

The rare combination of high fat and PROTEIN content in SOYABEANS has made one of their derivatives, soybean oil, highly POPULAR among health freaks.

Mainly, soya beans oil is used:

  • As a cooking oil
  • In salad dressings
  • To make margarine In baked goods to impart tenderness
  • As an emulsifying agent
  • In preparing smooth icings and fillings
  • To make crispier crusts, wafers, crackers, breads, etc.
  • In sauces like mayonnaise and barbeque sauces
  • In deep frying processes with high fats.