Tecno BL-3F Battery for F7 and A+


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The Tecno BL-3F Battery for F7 has been well built to allow you enjoy long hours of uninterrupted phone calls and other mobile activities. Its capacity of 2100mAh makes it capable of handling heavy tasks. It allows no form of overcharging or discharging as it possess an integrated microchip that prevents it from happening. Make longer calls, listen to music, watch videos, play games and carry out other activities on the Tecno F7 with this battery. Enjoying all the amazing features of the F7 is very possible with this highly efficient battery. Since most tasks we carry out with our phone demand a lot on the battery, it is essential to have a quality battery like this one.

The Tecno BL-3F Battery for F7 will enable you stay on the internet for longer period of time. It is just perfect for your active mobile lifestyle. With this battery you will be able to enjoy all the intuitive applications and features on your Tecno F7. This battery is compatible with all varieties of Tecno F7 model phones. It is not prone to any form of discharge, this makes it the perfect replacement for your old battery or the best choice as a backup battery.


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