Toilet Plunger-Clogged Kitchen/toilet Plunger


Key Features

Good quality plunger
Highly durable
Easy to use
Must to have for every home
Clears clog fast
Non slip handle makes plunger easy to use
Standard rubber cup for quick unclogging of drains
Perfect for kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, floor drains and showers


Product details
A Plunger is a must-have tool for every household because it can be used to unclog any drain in any part of the house including the kitchen. Yes, the simple plunger can unclog your kitchen sink too. When you use the plunger, plug the other holes in you kitchen sink with a rag cloth. Also, ensure that the plunger cup completely covers the clogged kitchen sink hole. Now, keep the plunger in an upright position and plunge about ten times vigorously. This should remove any vegetable peels, food leftovers or any other solids in the kitchen Sink or dirt from a clogged toilet.
This is the perfect plunger for any home owner. Super-pliable industrial-rubber cup, will not crack and seals the water in tightly. Heavy-duty plastic handle will not stain and is standard thread type, so it can be easily interchanged.
Plastic handle means it won’t absorb stains and odors like wooden handle wouldCan displace more water than most other PlungersHigh quality rubber.Easy to use.The plunger head fits standard threaded handles so it’s easily interchangeable.