WAW Special Pack


Key Features

Washes clean with enhanced stain removal power

Long lasting freshness
Multi-use detergent
Preserves colours, protects fabrics
Protects colour running/fading
lots of foam with potent cleaning power

Value for money


Product details

Get the premium and quality laundry you deserve with WAW brand.

WAW Classic Powder 900g
WAW Colour Powder 850g

WAW Classic powder gives you the amazing premium quality you deserve when washing while also caring for your pocket. It answers for an amazing clean and long-lasting fresh laundry. Henkel´s quality, at an affordable price!

WAW Colour is specially formulated to give a brilliant clean wash with the gentleness of soap thereby preserving and protecting your fabric colours. It leaves a fresh scent on your clothes. It comes with the patented dye transfer inhibitor technology (DTI) which prevents color transfer during laundry. This unique technology keeps your favorite cloth radiantly clean with the bright colors being preserved. loading your washing machine without worries of separating your garments is a big save of time and energy! WAW range of laundry bar soaps provides a mild and gentle wash for your clothes.
Each WAW pack contains amazing washing power and lots of foam to remove the toughest stains.